Monday, May 31, 2010

The Good Lord will take care of you, again... I'm not so sure about me, though.

I just finished reading my bestest bloggy buddy's latest over on her page, and read about some masks and scars. Once again, she's right on the money.. and while I'm not nearly as poetic as her (as I've proven), I know a little something about masks and scars. Especially scars.
Even if you manage to put them out of your mind, the damage is still done and you're still haunted.

Everyone has scars, some of us just carry them on the inside.

Not sure when I'm going to post again, since I'm going through some "things" and can't quite express them in the comical manner you've become accustomed to... until then, enjoy one of my favorites by the John Mayer Trio, and I'll see you soon enough.


  1. Things will get better--thanks for the link. I didn't even realize the title before now.

  2. This too shall pass... things will be better next week once I've had some time off, I think.