Sunday, May 16, 2010

This is where a title should go...

I knew this was going to be a somewhat futile endeavor... day 3 and I'm already suffering writers block.

Saturday was fairly uneventful, except for the fact that I actually spend a decent portion of the day talking to new girl. Turns out, she's not really outwardly batshit crazy, at least no crazier than any other girl I've ever talked to... which may turn out to be a bad thing, but only time will tell.

I was the only one to weigh in, since I was the only one working... I gained back 1 pound, so I was at 228 lbs. I continued to eat like a ravenous wallaby the rest of the day/night and went to bed.

Sunday came early, I woke up before 7 am for no reason other than a pounding headache. I get those frequently. Like every day, all day. I've self-medicated for the last year and a half, taking roughly 6 to 9 excedrin a day to curb the throbbing pain in my skull.

I figured I'd actually start trying to eat better today, so I only had 2 pieces of bacon and some coffee. Then got to work and grabbed a diet soda and a snickers bar. Then told my department manager to shut his goddamn face up after I'd been there about 3 hours, watching him do absolutely nothing the entire night before and all morning long..then having the balls to accuse me and a coworker of standing around and not keeping busy.

Then it was lunch time, so I took one of the cashiers out to Taco Bell and had a couple tacos. Ok, it was like 3 double decker tacos. And a caramel apple empanada.

But I did have a diet soda with lunch, so it evened it out. I weighed in and was still standing strong at 228 lbs.

Tomorrow and tuesday may be a little tough, and I'm probably not going to post until tuesday night... I'm working on a side project for my favorite internet writer/comic, Allie Brosh.

Just in case you've never read her stuff, check out her blog Hyperbole and a Half. (It's over in my links of people I follow... not literally follow, that'd be creepy)

Good Night, Mrs. Macready, wherever you are...

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  1. Food porn, I like it.

    I love carmel apple empanadas. I love food. I swear I have an inner fat girl dying to get out of me.

    I'm a random follower. And for the record I'm currently in Washington state and will be traveling across the USof A in 11 days!