Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lazy day

So no work yesterday, which means I had a chance to sleep in...until like 9:03 am, when some douchebag decided it was the perfect time to come over and trim the shrubs next door. However, I didn't realize trimming the shrubbery required a 300hp nitrous injected chainsaw.

Other than that, lazy day all around. Rudely awoken, hopped in the car and made my way to the other side of town for some errands and decided to stop by work. Told the boss I was gonna need some time off in about a month, no problems there, and decided to go ahead and weigh in again.

Boss said he'd gone to work out the night before, he looked like someone had beaten him with a ballbat. I'm not sure what Sasquatch had done, but it was probably fairly consistent with his usual routine of sitting at home listening to Rush Limbaugh and drinking cheap beer.

Day 2 results -
Sasquatch - 268 lbs
Boss - 222 lbs
Me - 227 lbs

WHAT?!? 227 lbs?
Clearly I am a master of weight loss, I went home and ate like a horse and still lost 4 pounds.
So what do all dieters do when they have a huge victory such as this? You give yourself a treat! Lunchtime was right around the corner so I figured a little extravagance was necessary... however I still need to keep on top of the game, because I'm not about to lose this competition.

*note the seriousness of how I am approaching this entire affair - you can obviously tell I'm in this to win by the fact I'm drinking a diet soda.

So, off to work this morning, will hopefully have something interesting to post for tomorrow =)


  1. I want Wendy's in the worst kind of way.

  2. We have Wendys Chilli here too! Ahhhh Wendys for dinner methinks...