Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Vacation Saga - part deux

Hello Internet.
I'm still bored. I mean like REALLY fuckin bored.

So... lets play a game, for all of you that are online or swing by now and again to read me. (the blog, not the letters stamped on my face)

Here's how the game is going to work...

You tell me something to do.
I do it.
I post results here.
Hilarity ensues.

Only two rules - 1) It has to be internet related... i.e. go to this website and say "this", post results of trolling./or go to this website and make account, bring back your discoveries
and rule 2) I'm not rich, so I would highly prefer is it is -free- internet sites and stuff... I don't feel like paying for any memberships of something I'm just doing for a one-time shot out of boredom.

So lets get  crackin' faithful legion of followers!! I am a highly experienced internet troll and have an absolutely amazing capability of bringing out the worst in people... and you can not shock me. period.

Gimme your best shot, gang, and lets have some fun!  <3

So my first follower Mrs Mac sent me over to to see what I could find... unfortunately, she can't read this blog on her bberry, and they're not quite moved into their new domicile yet.. However, in my travels, I have recovered a picture of THE STRONGEST THONG ON THE PLANET.
Not only can it keep an enormous amount of cellulite can also withstand the weight of 2 cases of beer!


  1. :D What about Stumbleupon? That usually keeps me busy!

  2. How are you at puzzles?

  3. OMG!!! is that a thong win? or a thong fail? Ewwwwww!! lol

  4. Mrs. Mac, Neil, and Shevy... it has become apparent that you are the only 3 left that read this... and apparently 2 of you go to bed before 10pm central time.
    This, like my other attempts to generate fun via readers, was a slight failure.

    Today, it will be a different attempt.

    Today, Velocigoose starts drinking.

  5. YAY for drinking!!! But, if the above picture has tought us anything, it is that alcohol + thongs don't mix. So please refrain from sifting through your mom's dresser drawers. Thank You :D

  6. hahaha, I <3 you, Shevy... you make me laugh.
    here's an update... I'm on #8 out of a case of Coors Light, and this is what I'm currently listening to.
    Anyone have some websites or trolling needed visted/done... lemme know!!

  7. Wow. Those are both stunning pictures, the sort that will wake me up screaming for years to come! Ok, I have a challenge for you; film yourself singing the 'Little Green Frog' and post it on YouTube. Sorry, can't think of anything more exciting that that...